Fixed Income Funds Earn a Reliable Fixed Monthly Income

Income funds often have a lower risk profile than equity funds, and as such offer a lower potential rate of return. Unlike equity funds, income funds do not offer ownership (i.e. profit-sharing) in the investment. They do, however, offer a consistent rate of return throughout the fund investment term with no periods of passive loss. Income funds are often preferred by those who have a fixed income, pension, or retirement fund, because they offer consistent potential returns. At Senior Living Fund, our minimum term for an income fund is three years.

Senior Living Fund Fixed Income Fund I (SLF FIF I)

SLF Fixed Income Fund I (SLF FIF I) provides a diversified senior housing investment with a shorter investment term, lower risk, and fixed monthly income. It may invest in a broader range of senior housing developments, including senior apartments  and independent living.

Designed for Investors Seeking:

  • Fixed monthly income
  • Lower risk profile
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Simple tax form 1099