A Personal Commitment to Quality Senior Housing

Senior Living Fund, LLC provides capital to senior housing developers and operators across the USA. These developers and operators use the funds as part of their overall capital solution for the development and construction of new senior living communities. In addition, the Fund provides capital for acquisition of existing senior housing communities that are either economically stabilized or offer the opportunity for increased value through rehabilitation of the facility.

A strong understanding of senior housing operations is critical when making investments in this sector. For each investment, we apply a holistic approach that includes market evaluation, operator assessment and financial analytics to generate favorable returns while mitigating risk.

We Believe in Partnership

One of the strongest indicators of a successful senior housing investment is the quality of the operator partner. Our network of high quality, regional senior housing operators has shown proven capabilities in the successful management and profitability of their senior housing communities.

We Believe Every Investment is Unique

While the senior housing market is strong, every market and community is different. As such, we apply a comprehensive market evaluation, operator assessment, and in-depth financial analytics to every senior housing investment we consider. While the majority of our senior housing investments are in new development, we may also provide equity for operational improvements, capital improvements, and strategic expansion.

We Focus on Senior Housing Markets With:

  • Insufficient supply of senior housing
  • High demand for senior housing
  • Significant competitive barriers to entry
  • Low saturation rates

We Work With Operators Who:

  • Offer valuable local and regional market expertise
  • Have upheld a strong reputation and track record in the industry
  • Are attentive to the quality of care and services residents receive
  • Create long-term partnerships to help facilitate new investment opportunities for our investors