Traditional Equity Funds An Alternative Investment with Substantial Returns

Senior Living Fund’s private equity funds allow investors to gain an ownership stake in a diverse range of senior housing developments and to benefit from potential profit-sharing from successful senior housing communities. Our equity funds generally have a higher gain potential than income funds because of their higher potential for risk. At Senior Living Fund, many of our equity fund investments are in new construction. The investment term for our equity funds is generally 4-6 years.

Senior Living Fund 6 USA

Senior Living Fund 6 USA is designed to provide the capital to take advantage of the national demand for senior housing, and provide substantial projected returns to the Fund’s investors through a geographically diversified investment. This is Senior Living Fund's ninth senior housing fund.

  • The Fund is anticipating to invest in 6-10 senior living projects throughout the United States, offering diversification for investors
  • Rural and urban locations will be considered
  • Existing, stabilized communities will be considered on a risk-adjusted basis

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