1031 Exchanges Defer Taxes with a 1031 Exchange

Our 1031 Exchange Fund is a tax-deferred Fund that allows individuals to invest profits from one real estate investment into another “like-kind” investment before paying taxes on the capital gains. A 1031 Exchange does not eliminate the need to pay taxes; it simply defers payment until the investor decides to hold all gains, rather than reinvesting them.

SLF 1031 Decatur DST

SLF 1031 Decatur DST offers investors the opportunity to directly own a fractional interest in a recently converted senior housing community in Decatur, Illinois. Unlike SLF 6 USA and SLF FIF I, our 1031 exchange opportunity focuses on a single, existing value-add community.

The opportunity offers the following:

  • Investment in existing, value-add property
  • Fixed monthly income plus profit participation
  • Tax Benefits/Deferral