Summer 2019 White Paper: Fundamentals of Senior Housing Investing

By Dan Brewer, Chief Fund Manager

Senior housing is a promising investment in today’s marketplace. It’s proven itself to be recession-resistant, is backed by strong demographics, and has an impact that allows investors to feel good about where they’re putting their money. However, investing in “senior housing” is not as simple as it sounds. First, there are many different types of housing available today, and each housing type reacts differently to changes in the greater economy. Second, each individual market across the country has its own force of supply and demand, which will impact how well each type of housing performs. Third, the type of housing you choose, be it independent living, assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing, will be further impacted by the market conditions noted above. Fourth, the way you invest in senior housing—for instance, through a publicly-traded REIT or a private equity fund—is also important to consider. In short, it is an important time to look beyond average senior housing demographics and statistics before making a senior housing investment.

This white paper will outline how to utilize and understand market statistics; how outside factors like business development and employment will impact your investment; and how to choose the right community type and length of investment to suit your investment goals.

Click here to view it now: White Paper 2019 Investing Fundamentals

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